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Why Choose Us?

Whether it be a home renovation, house design, new residential build, home improvement, house addition, home makeover, or house appraisal, Prospecs can deliver. We have qualified, experienced building teams who will work on your project throughout the whole process.

We will work to an agreed timeline and all effort and resources are put in to ensure the work is carried out to the highest standard and within the agreed timeline.

All our work is guaranteed to the highest level of workmanship and complete customer satisfaction is our minimum requirement.

We can manage your project from conception to completion.

Prospecs has a rare attitude where we will;

  • only accept work we can successfully deliver
  • not accept new work that will impact negatively on existing customer contractual agreements and expectations
  • make customers aware of 'red lights' before they happen
  • have a dedicated project manager for every customer project
  • provide all customers with 'in progress' project information at jointly agreed scheduled intervals
  • continue to regularly check with customers after project completion
  • expect and seek feedback on our performance
  • implement process changes even if we did not think of them first!

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